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Heeyyyyy, errebaday. 

Since I haven't done anything with my Digimon charts in a while, I thought I owed those of you who follow me for them a quick update, since that's where most of my followers come from lol.

First off, I'm sorry I haven't been doing anything with them; school life has been pretty busy for me and when I'm not doing homework or hanging out with my fiancee, I'm usually trying to practice drawing and get better at that. Needless to say, Digimon has been pretty far from my mind, but I still have plans to continue with my little project. 

As for the Digimon charts project, I actually do have a few charts that are mostly-done and I can try to get coming along, chiefly involving a slightly different take on Armor Digivolution. I may also update a few of the charts with some different evos (such as Armadillomon -> Tortomon and Otamamon -> ShellNumemon) to balance things out a little better, but beyond that, I probably won't be doing much more with them.

Yes, sad as it may be, I'm most likely not going to continue making any new charts (since I've basically gone through all baby Digimon, even if I haven't uploaded some of them because of holes in the line). 

However instead, I'd like to begin work on a new version of the project, using Digivolution 'webs' of a sort in place of the charts, which will be much more expansive in terms of Digivolution options for all Digimon. For those interested, 
here's a little sneak preview of the first one I started work on (the Botamon lineage again, naturally!). With how busy I am, progress will certainly be very slow in creating them and updating them, but if y'all are interested then I hope you have the patience to wait it out... =w= (In the meantime, people looking to use my charts as resources should feel free to ask if they would like input on specific Digivolutions!)

I also want to thank all those of you who DID decide to come watch me; what started off as literally just a dumb little thing for no other purpose than my own amusement has gained more of a following than I could have predicted, and that's pretty cool! Thanks al lot for all your support, mah pipples!


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United States
Welcome to my gallery~

Ladies, the dungeon is on the left~

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Favourite genre of music: Video game music.
Favourite style of art: Computer-drawn; too bad I can't do that LOL.
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Favourite cartoon character: Calvin & Hobbes

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